Software and Database Solutions

Software and Database Solutions

Rodent (Mouse Rat) Breeding and Colony Management System

At Smart Colony Management we listen to your needs, requirements, feedback, suggestions and ideas, in order to build a variety of IT tools solutions in the following categories:
  1. Relational Database, including Query tools
  2. Bioinformatics tools
  3. Collaboration tools
  4. Project Management tools
  5. Data Management and Data Analysis tools
  6. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  7. Software and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  8. Secure cloud environment that is continuously monitored

A Breeding and Colony Management System solution creates value, efficiencies and savings in the mouse facility or room as well as for labs, PIs, and researchers.
If your current process for Breeding and Colony Management is primarily based on paper and pencil or error prone spreadsheets. Then it is time to switch from manual data entry to an automated cloud based Breeding and Colony Management system.

The benefits of an automated cloud based Breeding and Colony Management system include:

  1. Workflow efficiency
  2. Pedigree chart and analysis
  3. Reduced errors
  4. Efficient management of projects
  5. Productive mice
  6. A consolidation of the PI’s animal data
  7. Increased visibility of mouse / rat resources
  8. A relational database application accessible on a tablet, iPad, smart phone or desk top
  9. Access data from anywhere in the cloud
Key Benefits of Smart Colony Management are to:
  • Save money and time that would otherwise be spent on end user requirements gathering, development, maintenance, upgrades and supporting the software data management system internally
  • Ensure that the critical software, databases and network cloud environment are developed and integrated with various workflow processes which satisfy the stakeholders and end users exact needs and requirements
  • Allow staff to focus on their tasks and rest assured that the data management tools and network cloud environment are being maintained and supported by a professional and dedicated team