Our Qualifications

Consultancy Services

Often breeding cores, transgenic cores, animal facilities and labs need a professional opinion about the approach they are taking, or maybe they want to engage with leading experts in colony data management so they start projects off on the right foot.

We understand how difficult it can be to provide breeding services or operate a breeding core, a transgenic core, animal facility or lab without keeping consistent and accurate data records.

The team at Smart Colony Management comes prepared with years of best practices and the right questions to help guide our client’s transition into a digital colony management system.

Smart Colony Management responsibilities are to assist breeding cores, transgenic cores, animal facilities and labs see the benefits of implementing and centralizing colony data to make record keeping organized.

Smart Colony Management information technology consultancy provides:

  • Personalized data Import services.
  • Enhanced customer service.
  • Product development collaboration.
  • Reports and Data Mining

If your colony data doesn’t naturally present itself in a way that can help you make decisions, then you likely have more than one medium to store your colony data, and multiple scattered files, folders or binders and notebooks to contain the data your colony generates every day. Not only does this mean that your colony records can be misplaced or lost altogether, the variety of tools used to track these records makes it impossible to capture a picture of the colony from a project level view. By importing your records to Smart Colony Management, we integrate your historical and active mouse / rat records into an easy to use solution, allowing you to view existing data in one place, and quickly input new data with our optimized workflows.