Who should be Interested Smart Colony Management?

Smart Colony Management (formerly BreedingServices.com) provides IT consulting services for Breeding Cores, Transgenic Cores, Animal Facilities, Veterinarians, Laboratory Staff and Laboratory Operations Managers.

Under this consultancy branch of our business, we discuss the unique requirements of each of our clients and accordingly provide:
1. Personalized data Import services
2. Enhanced customer service
3. Product development collaboration
4. Reports and data mining
5. Custom private cloud implementations and management
6. Enhanced cloud security monitoring services
If you would like to learn more about our Consultancy Services, we can certainly discuss your needs and chart a path forward on how we can work together further.

Managing Your Breeding Core Like a Business

A breeding core provides reproductive services to the research community to reduce over-breeding, excessive per diem fees, and associated laboratory personnel costs. Breeding cores may struggle to find a balance between these services and the human, technical, and financial resources needed to perform them. Responsible operation of a breeding core requires the ability to think like a business manager and a scientist at the same time. With fundamental business strategies, the right communication, and tracking tools along with a best-practice mindset, breeding cores can optimize processes, provide measurable insights into core functions, and increase awareness and trust among the research community. Attendees will learn about the tools available to implement business strategies and improve overall breeding core function, communication, and return on services provided.

Smart Colony Management provides cloud based managed IT services, advanced support and consultation.

Consultancy Services

Smart Colony Management has the IT resources to immediately assist with increased workflow productivity and data management.

Cores, Facilities & Labs

Smart Colony Management provides enterprise level software, database, collaboration solutions and support.

Data Management Services

Why Smart Colony Management?

Science is organized knowledge. - Herbert Spencer, philosopher

No scientist today will contest the fact that animal models play an absolutely critical role in biological research, and have greatly furthered our understanding of human disease. Transgenic animals, and mice in particular, are widely used in research today: the experiments these animal models have allowed have provided the scientific community with invaluable information, and will only continue to do so in the future.

So why introduce the origins of transgenics? The experimental successes that followed the first transgenic mouse has led to the widespread use of transgenics throughout research facilities across the world. Which has increased the number of animals used in research. And as a consequence, this has in turn necessitated the creation of reliable tracking methods, or data management systems to increase efficiency and productivity in the management of mouselines, breeding schemes, and mouse related experiments. Continue reading this article ...

Smart Colony Management Integrations

The SoftMouse.NET Colony Management Platform seamlessly integrates with vendors such as RapID Lab and TransnetYX in order to provide our customers with a no hassle workflow experience for tagging and genotyping your mouse and rat colonies.