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Your co-hosts:

Ozgene Representatives:
Roger Askew, Sr Scientific Director, Strategic Partnering

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Based on our proprietary goGermline™ technology, Ozgene engages with investigators to plan and develop gene targeted mouse models with shorter time lines to first experiments than can be achieved with CRISPR or conventional gene targeting or other transgenic technologies. Our suite or capabilities ranges the full spectrum from model development through breeding and characterization to Phenotyping and in vivo pharmacology.

RapID Lab Representative: Alex Spindel
Vice President

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RapID Lab

RapID Tags are humane, automated, and cost effective mini-ear tags that provide fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The 2-D barcode scans instantly while providing millions of unique IDs while the multiple colors allow for immediate secondary visual identification. RapID Tags are minimally invasive and are even MRI and autoclave compatible.

SoftMouse.NET Representative: Kelly Rodriques
CEO, Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences

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SoftMouse.NET, based in Toronto, Canada, was initially developed in 2008 as an easy-to-use, secure, cloud database designed for researchers, animal technicians, breeding core services and animal care staff. SoftMouse.NET offers its clients the ability to centralize animal research data data in one web-accessible location, control animal numbers and cage costs, monitor breeding productivity and experimental studies, while maintaining colonies in compliance with good colony management and husbandry practices. We place a high focus on ease of use and navigation to ensure the right stakeholders have full visibility and transparency into their colony data in order to derive the insight they need to execute their tasks within their particular role.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, SoftMouse.NET has gone through many iterations and improvements based on client feedback and in response to the growing needs of the animal research community and associated animal care units. We remain committed to ensuring that the SoftMouse.NET suite of services continue to provide our clients with the necessary secure tools they need to stay on top of their breeding, animal related experiments and within the guidelines of their approved animal use protocols.

Smart Colony Management
an Iseehear Life Sciences Integration